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7.12.02 Night Shift

Elizabeth is doing well. She recently has received one of her many degrees at a nearby college and has decided to join the workforce. Iím still doing the consulting thing in the local area. I recently started a new gig. Weíre aging well. MaturingÖ Getting wiser, all that stuff.

Well, all is neat and dandy and sounds pretty established, but of course, whatís life without a little change? Elizabeth joining the workforce has her working nights. Usually when I hear of someone working nights, I think to myself how difficult that must be, or at least different. Then, something distracts me and I start thinking about something else.

But, now that itís Elizabeth who is working nights, I realize that it is tough for she has to adjust her daily schedule. At times, events are just upside down for her. And for me, itís been tough too. I'm so used to having her around. More or less, we serve as each other's best friend playing together until we get too tired and then head off to bed. We make great playmates for each other and even when we have our own individual activities, they are at least complementary to each other.

Well needless to say, with Elizabeth working at nights, Iíve tried aimlessly to establish a new late night ritual Ö alone.

Of course, I started taking upon those pre-mentioned individual activities like playing on the computer, reading magazines, laying around naked and farting really loud on purpose; just to see if I can.

Those are some special moments.

But, here is the clincheróI have also realized that those special alone times arenít worth anything unless you have the *together* time too. And thatís when it hits me; Iím just a wicked fat man jumping around naked, laughing at myself farting loudly. (Lovely picture, I know).

Well naturally, I try and resort back to what I used to do before my perfect playmate came along. I now stay up late watching television and reading magazines like a mad insomniac, until I discover that my eyelids have been unexpectedly closed for the last few minutes. Thatís when I usually turn off the TV, shut the light, and resume sleeping. The first few nights were tough as I watched the late show. Then it progressed to the late late show. Iíve missed Conan OíBrien after all this time. Geez.

The wheels up there turn too much you know?

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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