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7.22.2002  AC for cousin Bong

Isn't summer great?

I just realized how much I like air conditioning. Sorry, I'm not one of these naturalists. I've never really enjoyed the great outdoors. I respect it tremendously though. I always thought it was something greater than me and the people who can venture into the woods and survive for days or weeks and ... enjoy it, is utterly amazing. It’s something that I have the highest respects for, it’s not something that I would like to strive for myself though—just not my bag—too many mosquitoes and other stuff. I've always got a kick out of the snickers I get regarding my inability to be a survivor out in nature: y'know, just in case I someday, somehow, woke up after a coma and got stuck out there—just in case.

As I was saying, I enjoy my blast of AC at least a couple of times a day. Yes, it's synthetic conditioned air. I know. I'm spoiled like that.


Tonight, cousin Bong is visiting from Hong Kong. He’ll be staying with my folks for a month. It’ll be really good to see him. I met him only one time before during a visit to China when I was about three years old. He’s about ten years older than I am, so he was probably a restless teenager at the time. Needless to say, I don’t remember too much—just little glimpses here and there. One event I remember was when I locked myself in one of their bedrooms. The lock was a little tough. I had to push the door shut while sliding the latch. I think I just wanted to run about the room or something—just what every three-year-old boy wants to do. But when time came for me to leave the room, I just couldn’t unlock it. The latch just wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I pushed the door in and attempted to slide it. Naturally, I did what every three-year-old boy does—I started crying for help.

The next thing I knew, cousin Bong was climbing down from the angling window above the door. (Apparently, the ceilings were pretty high, where the doorways had windows above them). I remembered he was somewhat like Spider-Man and rescued me.

Well, cousin Bong will be staying at my parents’ house for about a month starting tonight. My parents’ house is comfortable, but it used to be more comfortable when the central AC was working. It apparently broke a few years ago and has never worked since. Instead, they have been getting by with just fans and a single AC unit installed it in their bedroom.

Being the good son that I am, hehe, I agreed to help out and install an additional unit—we recently happened to have a spare one lying around. Saturday was about 90 degrees and humid. My father and I basically lugged this unit from our apartment. This is quite a feat seeing how he’s about 70 years old. I placed a towel wrapping the base to give us more leverage and we lugged it down, step by step. We live on the third floor. It took about half an hour to get it into the car. I was basically dripping sweat at this point.

At the house, we had to lug it up to the second floor. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but in summary, we tried installing it in the second bedroom to no avail. Instead, we had to uninstall the unit from my parents’ bedroom and install the spare unit there, and then, install the swapped out unit into the second bedroom.

Yes, there were power tools involved. Yes, there was a lot of sweat. Yes, there was creative construction going on with pieces of wood and brackets. I know, I’m starting to scare myself too. I’m going to consult my manly-man-manual soon.

Well, we’ll be getting reacquainted with cousin Bong. I’m looking forward to it. He’ll be one cool fellow.

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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