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8.6.02 I'm back (recap)

“Work versus play– This is a personal home page. I’ve tried my best to separate work and play on the Internet, but it’s a common medium that serves both purposes for me. If you are here via ‘play’, welcome. And, if you are here via ‘work’, welcome likewise, but you may have accidentally stumbled upon the *other* site. I would strongly discourage you from venturing forward. If you do choose to venture forward, then please do so at your own risk--for this site serves the human factor of a person, rather than the professional. Nonetheless, reserve judgments, relax, relate … and enjoy.” -- Peter

Alright! This online journaling is somewhat alive and kicking again. Thank you those who have been emailing me with comments and ‘welcome back’ notes. Also, I’ve received quite a few ‘can you update my email address to this new one?’ notes. Additionally, it occurred to me how long I must have written last when I received a ‘who the hell are you?’ note. Nonetheless, all is appreciated. Keep them coming.

It’s probably an appropriate time for some shameless self-promotion—if you like what you read here, please spread the word—the more the merrier. I also need to state that what is expressed here is a matter of candid expressions, and at times, may be of a very personal nature. I remember once receiving an email that emphatically asked how dare I have written what I had written, for her twelve year old daughter shares her computer. It went on and on, obviously venting, but the point of the matter was that there was no hint of censorship and it was her opinion that there should be. I try and use common sense when it comes to being sensitive and in general, politically correct, but I don’t think this would really apply toward a 100 percent *safe* readership. I think it would really take all the fun out of this for me and I figure this way, at least, I could avoid any sessions of website burnings. Ah anyway, I forgotten what I had written previously, but I think it must’ve been good.

Like I was saying—this is not rated ‘G’ for everyone. And I’m not going to place one of those 18-and-over-then-click-here links on the front. This online journal will also not include instructions on penis enlargements. (Great, now I’m going to get another nastygram mailnote). But these are just mere opinions and a sharing of events that happens to a person.

This reminds me—a little while ago, I plugged a coworker’s name into a search engine and received back a list of interesting links—very interesting. Almost too interesting. Needless to say, I didn’t know the coworker well at all before then. Actually, I didn’t know anything personal about him to the point where I had to look up his last name if I needed it. I’m not going to mention what I found, but I will have to say that it really freaked me out.

Then, the thought occurred to me about an unfamiliar coworker or client plugging *my* name into a search engine. Here I am, all professionally trim and proper and popping up on someone’s web browser this site comes. Racing thoughts of revamping the entire site to contain a pen name instead of my real name go racing through my head. On the other hand, having my real name present has had its advantages too. I’ve received a few emails over the last few years from long ago friends who have discovered this site and have appreciated our exchange of emails.

Nonetheless, I’ll stay slightly nervous until I find a solution.

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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