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8.26.02 Sexy Mac

Today, while I was driving home from the gym, going up 86th Street, I glanced over to the left, and spotted this familiar coffee shop. Elizabeth, my parents and I ate there once when we first moved back to NYC three years ago. I remembered this vividly.

At the time, Elizabeth was about to visit home and help prepare things for our wedding. There was this shop next door that sold mock Movado watches for forty dollars each and she remembered how one of her little brothers wanted one. Myself, I was between jobs and Elizabeth wasn't working either. The little savings I had at the time just didn't amount to much. Truth of the matter was that I was never really good with money. And, although I had already been working professionally for a few years already, there just wasn't too much to show for it. At times, I still had to watch all the nickels and dimes.

She looked over the watch and it seemed nice enough. She looked to me to see if it was alright if she could buy it. I didn't know what to say. It felt pretty bad inside. It wasn't that we couldn't pay for the watch. I had enough in my wallet. Paying for it would be forefront on our minds for a while.

It would hurt.

That was then. This is now. Fortunately, the last three years provided a much turnaround for us. Elizabeth has been able to finally purchase that new watch for her brother and life goes onward.

Present day-Elizabeth is going to visit her family for a week … without me. I wish I could go with her, cause I really can use the break, but this is sometimes the wonder of mismatching work schedules. I wanted to give her something for her trip .. you know, something that keeps giving. Something that says, Hey you have a loving husband at home, don't forget about him. Remember, he's really cool …. Alright alright-she had mentioned on a few occasions how she wanted a MP3 player. She has about a ton and a half of MP3s already. Actually, she has so many that they filled up the hard-drive a few times and I've had to archive them off to CDs.

I started shopping around for MP3 players, and am now familiar with the different types. There are the flash-memory players that hold only about 10 or so songs. Those are really neat, cause they can have a pretty small form factor. And actually, that would be perfect, but she would be stuck with the same 10 songs throughout the whole week. Then, there are ones with batteries, without batteries, with rechargeable batteries, etc.., red ones, blue ones, yada yada. There are also the CD player types that play MP3s burned onto CDs. Of course, this would be the most practical. This would be just perfect.

Perfect … then, I saw the iPod.

I just slid my finger around this circular pad, and that was just the coolest thing. It is just so sleek. There is something about Apple Mac products. They're like the supermodels of personal computers. If computers can have sex, they would all going over to the Apple site and be humping Macs. There's just no comparison.

Okay. After doing some more research, I was able to find this neat coupon that would let me save a little less than the gazillion dollars that this thing costs. I wound up getting her the 10GB model and it holds something like 2500 songs, fully configurable and sexy.

I helped load that baby up with enough of her favorite songs. Of course, I had to put a few of those love songs on there-she has to remember me, her ultra-cool husband with major sex appeal that got her this sexy gadget.

Hope she has fun on her trip.

[For those who picked up on the fact that I utilized the word 'sex' here to subliminally raise interest, kudos-I have no shame]

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