Enough about me... let's talk more about me

“A knight in shining armor…” –supposedly, that’s the hero.

Okay. I thought I could just leave it alone and I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I figure it would just work itself out--after all, probably just paranoia, I thought. But after checking the web logs, I spotted a few hits from one of the proxy servers from where I work and no it wasn't the one that I use.

I wish this were the perfect world and everyone was recognized to have a candid personal life separate from one's professional life. But, I've heard too many stories and myself, too, have stumbled upon an unsuspecting coworker's personal site leaving me with the lasting impression of caution. And, I am usually considered one of the more liberal minded people around. At this point, I can't imagine the outcome of someone reading about my tantrums of farting through my tighty-whities. I may think this is all innocent and sweet, but that's because it’s my own gaseous output. But, I can understand the probable grossness of reading about someone else's. But this is the fun stuff. I also have the tendency to discuss personal issues from time to time (yes, believe it or not, I get much deeper than burps and farts).

As I was saying, my worse nightmare was starting to materialize. And, I figured it was time to address things. I came to a couple of options. I could take down the site denying that it ever existed. But, that is no fun at all and this is not what it's all about. So, I've taken a different approach and have started to make some transformations on the site already pertaining to this. I was going incognito … wearing a mask. Alike Spiderman, Batman and Robin, and all the wonderful folks at the Justice League of America, I was going to wear a mask carefully shielding my secret identity from the world, so the *real* Peter can have some peace of mind. How does one wear a mask you may ask? Two words … Pen name. Yes, I have decided to pick a pen name. Ah, the fun I can have now imagining the detachment between reality and a fictional pen name. Just think of the possibilities.

I've started to make site-wide updates changing all the references and have become hesitant upon updating the less ventured older entries. Although chock full of juicy personal information, I've decided to leave those alone for nostalgic reasons. Well, there lays my secret identity if you dig hard enough, you’ll find the Fortress of Solitude. I guess it can be considered a prize for the more enthusiastic. And of course, before I get carried away, the pen name exercise is really to ward off the curious business client whose chances are highly unlikely to venture into the archives.

As I was stating previously, I’ve started to make some updates already. Although, they are subtle, take a look for yourself (http://www.OutrageousThoughts.com). Firstly, you will notice the title, Outrageous Thoughts of Babble, a Peter Knight series...

I’ve thought carefully about this name. I’ve ran by a few different ones just trying to find the right tone. Some of these were Iron Mike Armstrong, Mick Stein, Sanjay Halal, and even Tom Cruise (I figured he would sue me if he found out—so… no).

Peter Knight ... has a neat ring to it. So noble you say? Yes. It was either this or Peter Night … which sounds pretty mysterious and probably more appropriate if I had an alter-ego that ventured onto nightclub dance floors in my leisure suit, but honestly, I’m not sure if I can live up to the name. Instead I’ll give Knight a try. I’ve already checked for the domain name, and its already taken. Geez. But then again, I may change this name again soon. For now, we’ll see how this works.

The name’s Knight … Peter Knight.

September 10th 2001 8:25PM – Wall St – the team was exhausted. It had been a while since we worked this hard. Usually though, we would work into the AM hours, but we managed to finish up lots earlier tonight. We looked at each other proudly. We did it again. It was a great job. Tomorrow was supposed to be the day of the big computer demo. We voted Paul, as our representative to watch the computer servers while managers performed the demo at a remote location.

We had no idea that the next morning, all our lives would be changed.

(In remembrance of the victims of 9/11)

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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