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12.3.2002 Pre-Sin City

Sitting on a plane again—seems to be the theme of the holidays. This time though, instead of heading to Houston, we're off to visit our friends, Jose and Carolina. I believe the last time I wrote about them was [here] and [here]. (Ironic as the pictures seem--they were actually taken from the Observatory deck of one of the Twin Towers--so yeah, it’s been a while).

Actually, we had an excellent trip the previous summer, just before 9-11, where we met up with other folks too. Elizabeth and I had a nice visit to San Francisco also. I really should try and document that trip sometime cause it really was memorable and it was the first time that Elizabeth met my relatives on my mom's side. I guess I really wasn't in a writing mood all of last year, but peruse the [archives] anyway. There may be a few tasty morsels here and there ... warning though--it's not all rated PG.

Here's some brief history, and hopefully, it can provide some background. Years ago, Jose, Carolina, Elizabeth, and I, all lived in Rochester, and hung out quite frequently. Actually, there was a time when Jose and Elizabeth dated. hehe ... only kidding (see? a little juicy morsel here and there always adds a little flavor). Okay, like I was saying--we would go out to movies, have dinners, do some karaoke, etc.., It was really fun cause Elizabeth and I, we're really an introverted couple--we like to mainly hang out with each other, and that's pretty much it. Once in a blue moon we would go out and play with others, but that itself is quite a stretch. So, if you can imagine, we were used to hanging out with Jose and Carolina, so they were regarded as being pretty close.

Months go by, and Jose and Carolina decide to flee from the gracious Flour City, and move away to Denver. They've always enjoyed the Denver area and vacationed there quite often and figured why not just be there most of the time. Well, they were always very influential and this created a huge following to just go and move somewhere where you would rather be. It just made sense. At the time, the economy was booming, and one could really earn a decent living doing what they wanted to do almost anywhere. Suddenly, there seemed to be a mass exodus from the Rochester area away to other parts of the country--they were always quite the trendsetters. Of course, Elizabeth and I followed suit and that's when we wound up moving to the Big Apple.

Well since then, we've tried to make a point of meeting up one way or another and so far it's worked out that we've met at assorted places once a year. So far the places have included NYC, Denver, and Sacramento. This year, the destination of choice is ... Vegas baby! Yeah, Sin City itself.

Ah ... the lights, the sounds ... this is the place of places. Tune back next week ... same bat time, same bat channel.

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