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3.18.2003 Iraq War Contingency Plans

So, it looks as though war is imminent. Of course, there is one loophole left—that Saddam and his family actually vacate the country. Fat chance.

I know that a lot of people have strong political views about this topic of War on Iraq vs. What’s up with George W.? But honestly, I’ve never really been a very political person. Don’t get me wrong—ever since 9/11, I’ve grown more politically aware, possibly tenfold, but I guess not enough to really get involved. I guess I take on the same attitude with religion, and likewise, I know that this probably angers a lot people. A friend of mine about half a dozen years ago approached me, for she had found Christianity. Good for her, I stated. But as soon as she tried preaching the gospel to me, I politely explained how I, although spiritual in nature, would like to stay more toward the naïve side when it comes to religion. I know she put forth a lot of effort, and my comments must’ve really just pissed her off, for she stated how I was going to burn in hell. Oh, that’s nice.

Anyhow, yes, as I was saying—I think that war in Iraq is imminent.

And although I’m not a political connoisseur, there is a part of this that worries me. They state that there would be a higher risk of terrorist attacks occurring. I work in the heart of the financial district. Have I thought about how I would be at risk if there were an attack in the area and what my statistical probability of getting injured or possibly getting wiped out of existence is? Yes, I think about this almost everyday. Everyday, I see the guards and NYPD’s best patrolling the streets. I see the bomb-sniffing dogs. I see the constant swirl of the police emergency lights. Everyday.

But times go on—and this has also become a normal way of life for me. Honestly though, it kind of sucks. But you have to be prepared. This is what they say. And one can’t help but to start to think about contingency plans too.

This may sound weird, but I was going to create a software package, that after I set it up, would be hosted at two separate locations in the world—one serving as a back up, just in case. I could manually trigger this software package via my cell phone, or it can automatically detect my non-existence if it senses it after 7 days of me not responding, whichever comes first. In this event, it would rifle away all the investments and bank accounts into a neat small package, and email instructions to Elizabeth about where and when to retrieve them. I’ve also thought about adding the feature of posting a conclusion page to a few websites—just to be all neat and tidy.

I told Elizabeth about this and she thinks its sick—she noted how she doesn’t want to think like this. It was a year ago when I asked her to put my life insurance policy somewhere safe. She left it on the dining table for two weeks, before I had to remind her again.

Odd thing though, I told someone at work about the software package and he thinks it’s a great idea. And he thinks I should market it. And get this—the main audience would probably not be paranoid would-be terrorist victims, but instead, people working in organized crime… Hmm, I never thought about it that way, but it’s interesting.

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