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5.6.2003 Geekdom

Got Elizabeth her own techie toy – a sleek little laptop. After about a year of hampering me to use mine, then wanting one of her own, and then resisting wanting one after realizing its more of an expensive indulgence toy, I persuaded her to give in and let me get her one of her very own. Because although she can use it for some of her schoolwork and other things, it honestly really is more of an expensive indulgence toy, and after acknowledging that, sometimes, just makes it so much more fun to have.

The first thing was to find a laptop that she would be happy with. The only qualities that this laptop had to possess were that it had to be light, not overly big, and somewhat pretty. (That threw out about half of the choices I had in mind). I looked and looked, and after many days of research, I nailed it down to this one semi-sleek model by Sharp Electronics. But instead of just going out and purchasing it right away, I wanted to make sure Elizabeth had the chance to test drive it. (Don’t buy the glove until you had a chance to put it on, they say).

Off to Circuit City we went. It happened to be the most convenient at the time and coincidentally had some of the better prices. We entered the store, walked over to the laptop section, and peered over the Sharp model. It was poorly represented where the screen was smudged, and some of the keys on the keyboard were missing. Obviously, many people have been looking at it previously already. Half-heartedly, I motioned over and pointed to the fruits of labor of my tedious research, “Here it is! Like it?”

“It’s …. Ahhh … alright.” I know she felt somewhat awkward and somewhat shy about the whole thing.

I started inspecting it, making sure the keyboard was comfortable (very important), screen was descent (another good pointer), and durability, yeah.. that’s important too. Turned to Elizabeth to see what she thought. She was gone. She had wandered about half way up the computer aisle and stood there happily tapping away on this other model. From the big smile on her face, I think she stumbled upon something she really liked.

“Hey …,” I inquired, “what do we have here?”

“Oh, this is sooo cool. I really like this one. What do you think?”

“It’s nice. Sleek and cool.. umm, sort of like the model we were looking back there right?”

Nope, she didn’t go for the crappy Sharp model with the dirty smudged screen and missing keys. She was right though; this one was sleeker, sexier, and just way higher on the cool-scale barometer. “Can we? Can we? Can we pleeeeeze?”

Elizabeth is now, the proud new owner of a Sony laptop - one of these new mini modern marvel models of her choosing. But now, the balance of tech machines is a little thrown off. Yes, a disturbance in the force. I know as soon as we bring home the new pup, all the others, well, they just sort of get depressed for a little bit at first until they get used to it.

No, really. Our place is like a computer museum. Not that we have any dead stale computers around, but we have some old ones that do nothing much but hold some music files. Needless to say, they all are active, and networked together. For all those non-techies, this just means that they all *talk* to each other. (Possibly they'll gang up on us one night and maybe publish bad porn to the web, who knows -- yes, the modern day marvel conflict of man vs. machine turns out to be porn related. Who would've known?)

But the thought has occurred to me to be somewhat creative with some of the machines, and this would involve revamping some of them. One of which includes the computer that Elizabeth and I originally owned around the time when we first started dating.

After reviewing the system and refamiliarizing myself with its quirks, I grew somewhat nostalgic -- it contained a lot of photos and some video clips. I felt almost evil if I were to modify this electronic memory box in any way. I know it sounds somewhat idiotic, but instead, I had this overwhelming urge to poor glue over it preserving its contents hopefully forever. Yes, I know this wouldn’t work (do not try this at home – it really does not work).

After a while of backing up all the data, our sweet memories, I decided to start reinstalling the whole machine – starting with the Operating System. (Fair Warning – geekdom ahead. If you wish to avoid, just check back next week, and all will be human again.)

I now have a Linux server and this thing is awesome. I was able to accumulate all the software off the net for free (non – pirated, it’s really all legit and free). And, it’s a fully functioning web server, app server, database server, ie - computative monster! And I’m having a blast. I’m already building a system where I can automatically update this website and send out entries on a timely schedule. And this is just for starters. I’ve also registered it to live on the Internet with its own address. It’s like having my own personal server that I can access from anywhere. Oh this is just too exciting.

Anyhow, if any who are interested, or who have done something similar, give me a holler () and share your thoughts. Snort. Snort.

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