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5.20.2003 Minimal Planning?

Lately, I've been receiving lots of mail informing me that I can increase inches in my you-know-where. And although I'm grateful for the insightfulness, this is probably not highest on my priority list. Not lately anyhow.

What I have been thinking a lot about is timing--well, planning is more like it. When to do this, when to do that. I think that the last few years, we've just been reacting to different situations--sort of just going-with-it so to say, without much planning .. well, some planning, but more like just starting things, knowing that there will be a chain effect, and we would just deal with things when the time comes. For example, Elizabeth attending classes then starting work and working the night shift, while I am working tons of hours at the same time... We have managed very well and have made time for each other, and have stayed close. But it's more from the perspective of being reactive, rather than proactive, or in a planned sense.

Of course, such as life, and if we planned everything to the hilt, well, where would that leave all the fun?

This past weekend, we had something planned -- About a month ago, I had recalled that Elizabeth wanted to see Les Miserables before the play is closed on Broadway. I was having lunch with Esgee at the South Street Seaport and as we were walking back, we passed one of those ticket centers that sells tickets to Broadway plays, and this triggered the thought to possibly purchase tickets. This is just one of the many fleeing thoughts that I had during the day, but I managed to hang on to it, and purchased tickets later that afternoon.

Well, we attended the show the other night and it was great fun.

See? Minimal planning. We thought about whether we should drive in or ride the subway (my magic metrocard transformed into a normal metrocard over the course of last week.. oh well). I just thought, who cares, if we're hungry we'll drive in earlier, if not, we'll just drive in later. But where will we park? I don't know, but I figured it just wasn't worth the stress, and we'd figure it out when we got there.

See? once again, minimal planning.

I know. I know.. this minimal-planning-theory won't suffice in all life's occurrences and sometimes, just more is expected. I know. And yes, you have used your Spidey sense well, and I am alluding to something here, but I'm unsure how to present things. But its good.. oh so good.

I've been looking through the archives of the site, and it's weird how things play out -- in my head, I mean. Well, these entries, they're all from my own point of view, and although they are all very real, they don't always pan out chronologically well. They're more or less documented from *my* point of view. Yeah, sort of like that movie, Momento, where events happen sometimes in assorted order.

Looking at the archives, I picture it mostly in chronological order, but in some ways, its like a tangled telephone cord too. If one were to pull on both ends, the knots, the events, would untangle themselves and lay out perfectly like a straight line. Weird, but this is what I see.

So, what the heck am I talking about? Well, since the site's entries are under computerized controls now, I've passed this control over to a friend of ours for the next entry.

Tune in soon as Geraldo Rivera acts as your host to "Opening Peter's Vault".

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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