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5.22.2003 "Opening Peter's Vault"

This is Geraldo Rivera reporting. Peter has graciously left me the controls for this one entry and I will take this opportunity to further expand on what he was eluding to previously. So come along the journey as we dig through the catacombs from a place we know as Peter's Vault.

As you know, week after week, we have been reading about Peter's events -- some of what he does at home, at play, in the bathroom, and even some of what he does professinoally. Elusive one.. oh so elusive.

Alike yourself, we too, have found things interesting at times. Over the course of the last few weeks, we have been holding an investigation and we are ready today to reveal to you, the public, a very significant and important finding. Towards the end of our program, we will be revealing one of many secrets he has been hiding from all of us. So, stay tuned. No scrolling, and the truth will be told.

(la la la la la)

Welcome back. Once again, this is Geraldo Rivera reporting live from Peter's Vault.

Our journey starts with Peter as a small boy, growing up in the outskirts of Chinatown in New York City. Being raised from a poor family early on, thus possibly contributed a lot to his natural humbleness (hehe). Later on in life, he moved away to Rochester to attend college and wound up residing up there for many years after that. One of the many hobbies he had at the time was bodybuilding. And although he never did achieve gargantuan size, this over-zealous exercise could have possibly been one of the major contributors to his Hollywood-style good looks (hehe).

And of course, as we know, Elizabeth enters the picture. Or does she? Is she real? Or has Peter fictitiously created her for his own pure amusement all these years (hehe)?

We have found some evidence, some "ghost" pages or hard-to-reach pages on the site. There are traces of old "webcam" pages that can be reached from the depths within (write to our studios for directions). On this webcam page, one can see a pictures of Elizabeth and also Peter. So we have concluded that she is real.

We pried further and here is the twist.

Recently, we have noticed some parallel events, some that even criss-cross. Our investigation brings us back to 1/21. Peter finds himself in some doctor's office playing with his Palm Pilot and making a hair appointment. Hair appointment? Doctor's office? What he does avoid is the topic of the doctor visit. Elusive.

In late January, he starts a series of entries that he originally notes are from the previous summer regarding a topic called, "baby making". Interesting, but from the previous summer? Interesting.

One month later, on 2/25, in a time capsule, he aludes to something stating, "You feel a huge change coming on. You have a few ideas of what they are, and they may be life-changing, huge."

On 3/11, he notes about finding a different fertility doctor. Interesting.. yes.

If we chronologically layed this out, let's use the saying, pulling on both ends of the tangled telephone cord, we can possibly see the the pattern of the initial baby making entries from the previous summer, then 3/11's fertility doctor change, then 1/21's doctor office visit, finally with the 2/25's time capsule.

This may be slightly confusing, so here is a better example. The first word of each title states, "Some Baby-making Good Time". This somewhat ressembles nothing you say? Well, if you actually recorded this on an old vinyl record and spun it backwards in half speed, it's somewhat eerie, but one can faintly hear the following:

"woooo woooo ... we did it. we finally did. Can't wait to tell everyone ... woo woooo."

Neat huh? Stay tuned. Big finale next.

(la la la la la)

We have confronted Peter and he is willing to speak to us, "Peter.. Peter.. we understand the masterful thread now (hehe). We can see it. Can you confirm with us."

"I umm.. I did not actually finish the game Zelda yet."

"No, not that. Can you confirm with us regarding the doctor visits and time capsule."

"Oh yes, of course. Ahem. Well, I cannot confirm nor deny errr... you really thought it was masterful huh?"

"Peter! Please!"



"I'm thinking... oh alright! Yes! Elizabeth and I are going to have a baby! (hehe)"

There you have it folks! The truth is finally out! Peter and Elizabeth are pregnant and going to have their first child. This has been Geraldo Rivera reporting and you have been watching "Opening Peter's Vault."

Weeee.. ticker tape, streamers.. balloons :)

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