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8.8.2003 Sonograms and Fun

One of the managers that I work for told me today how he has recently discovered weblogs and found them very impressive. He then asked me if I've ever heard of this concept. I mentioned I was slightly familiar with these new types of online journals. I felt like Clark Kent hiding behind a pair of eyeglasses. As you may know, I keep this Knight identity hidden -- tighty-whities and the workplace just don't mix sometimes. Like oil and water.

Anyhow, I thought it was so cleverly humorous.

On a different note, been trying to gear up and prepare for the upcoming addition to our family. And just have been so busy overall, its tough to just do that. The list of tasks seems to keep mounting taller and taller. But once in a while, we get to take a breather and just enjoy things.

A little while ago, we had the opportunity to go get some sonograms done. Let me tell you. It's pretty amazing to visually see Baby Knight. For us co-pregnant people, all we can do is depend on what our partners tell us about how they are feeling, when they are feeling sensations, and so on. We never get to experience the early life signs with our own senses, but instead must rely on descriptions of little incidents here and there. So, one can imagine the impact of finally being able to see the makings of a whole other person, live, is incredible.

We sat there in the empty waiting room watching some Soap Opera on a television hung from the ceiling before getting called in. The technician was preparing the room and probably warming up the machine at the same time. I knew this was tough for Elizabeth for she had already been up the whole night working and is usually asleep by this time. But she seemed somewhat excited too. As tired as she was, she sat there patiently with her heavy eyelids glazing up at the TV set, wearing a content smile on her face. Once in a while, I would glance over to the receptionist only to have her give me a half-smile back acknowledging our awaiting presence.

Two scenes and three commercials later, an older somewhat heavy-set woman approaches us wearing a white lab coat holding an open manila folder, "You must be Elizabeth," she mentions in a Russian accent. Elizabeth smiles, stands to her feet, and follows the technician to the other room, while I follow Elizabeth.

"You ever have Sonogram before?"

"Just a mini one," Elizabeth answers.

"Mini one?"

"Yes," I said, "...we had one done in the doctor's office. But it wasn't like this - just one where we saw the pregnancy sack. Not like this."

"Ah yes," she confirmed, "This will have detail. More to see."

The session continued and my mind drifted slightly of what I was about to see. Elizabeth lay on this table and lifted up her shirt to expose her already growing belly. The technician faced a monitor toward her so she could see what was going on. I held onto Elizabeth's hand and looked around for a chair. Not seeing one, I knelt down at her side instead. Moments later, the magic started.

The technician squirted some gel on Elizabeth's belly and spread it about with the wand. This was the first we noticed some action on the monitor. Honestly, it was very difficult to see what something was, if it was supposed to be there, if it wasn't. She also was able to zoom the camera in and pan about the belly region. When she did find something, she would let us know. What we were able to witness was nothing short of amazing. It's not like just seeing stills of Baby Knight, but these were live moving transmitted pictures that we were witnessing. All the kicks of the legs, the arms stretching, just everything.

Also, the technician was very informative, and narratively educational too. We knew she didn't have to, but we were grateful that she was so talkative. The irony was that she had such a caring mannerism in her explanations. "You see," she said, "Here I zoom in and see the fingers. I have to count the fingers. Sometimes, the baby don't have all fingers. That is birth defect. I will count. Hmm.. only four? Wait."

"What?" I wasn't sure if I said it out loud or it was just so loud in my head that it sounded that way. I grasped Elizabeth's hand tighter.

"Wait," she continued, "Ah yes. There is five. One, two, three, four, ... and five. Good."

She panned the wand a few inches and then zoomed in on Baby Knight's head section. The cutest thing – Baby Knight stuck his (her) hand in his (her) mouth, then pulled it out. The technician then spoke, "Sometimes baby born with no eyes. Not very often, but it happens. Birth defect. Here... let me see..."

I felt Elizabeth's grip get tighter in my hand.

"...Ah yes, there is eyes."

This continued onward for pretty much all the major body parts of Baby Knight. As you can imagine, both Elizabeth and I had the jitters for a while - a fun ride nonetheless, with all positive outcomes. At the end of the session, our technician panned the camera and gave us a few candid shots of Baby Knight as souvenirs.

We graciously thanked her.

Elizabeth reclined in the passenger's seat and fell asleep while I drove us home. I rested my hand atop her belly.


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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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