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9.9.2003 Any Minute

Any day now.. any minute.

Yeah, the suspense is getting to us too. Ever since the last doctor's visit, he was most certain that the baby was arriving between now and next Saturday -- basically, any day now. In our last minute feeble attempts, we're trying to be prepared as possible at this point, and we're constantly left with the feeling of not being ready yet.

Even tonight, we were having a nightly stroll through Target, and I proudly picked up this diaper disposal can -- the Diaper Genie from Playtex. This thing is so cool -- it traps the individual diaper in its own neatly wrapped plastic wrap, in this wicked diaper-trapping mechanism. Yeah, this is what it comes to: Me goofing around with a plastic diaper poop-can, late at night, on the floor of Target in aisle 5.

Also, Elizabeth is ready to pop now. I often see her talking down to her belly, asking Baby Knight to come out to play, asking for her body back. I wish I had a camera.

We have the famous bag packed too -- the one that she's supposed to bring to the hospital with her. We weren't sure what to put in there either at first. I suggested loading up the Nintendo Gameboy with the Tetris cartridge and stuffing that in there, but she vetoed me on that one. Afterwards, the bag is neatly stowed in the trunk of the car.

I would have to say that Elizabeth is holding up well though -- very well as a matter of fact. Myself, I've been alright. My onsite assignment has graciously allowed me to work remotely, so I can be in the midst of the action, rather than scampering to try and get home when the time comes. So, I've been working from my home office for the last couple of weeks. And this is both good and bad, for me.

Work-wise, this is not a problem. Of course, face to face contact is always best, but it's not necessary all of the time. Needless to say, I've been pretty productive.

Other points of motivation, however, have been questionable -- like shaving, getting dressed, (a-hem) even showering from time to time (although this last one is more automatic, especially when I start to get itchy). Why is it always personal hygiene for guys? I even need a haircut. Yes, all of these have become chores. I have to really question why I do some of these things, cause quiet honestly, I hate shaving. Well yeah, I look like a bum now -- I acknowledge, realize, and accept this -- and, I really don't care.

One really has to question things. Why do I shave? Why do I shower? Is it to satisfy some void one is having by seeking approval from others? Is it to satisfy some inward self insecurity? Is it some sad attempt in *trying* to fit into this world by putting on this mask?

I do realize these are some rather important and challenging questions.

I will need some time to look inward and ponder the answers. However, I did promise Elizabeth that I would shave before the baby arrives, because my face would be too prickly for the baby.

I know. I sell out too quickly.

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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