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10.10.2003 Financial Stability / Parent Log

I've been looking for some financial stability -- not so much as jobwise, but moneywise. I've come to find out, although contrary to wide beliefs, that these two can be contradictary to each other. Maybe this is moving up the hierarchy of Maslow's theory, who knows.

I'm not a great believer of get-rich-quick schemes although I would hope that it would happen for us. I know I'm one of the fortunate few who actually enjoy what they do for a living. But, let's face it, if I had a choice of spending more time lounging on a beach in Maui, I just may choose the later. And yes, financial stability is a prerequisite -- Comfort, not greed (we're talking healthy here).

Anyway, there's this fellow, named Artie, who's pretty seasoned here in the financial industry. I met him a few years ago while we both did some work for CNBC. Quite the entrepreneural type, he's always coming up with ideas and projects, and has made a good living.

One night, about three months ago, I'm up late surfing around on the Net and this message comes up in an IM window, "Hi Peter. How've you been?" It's Artie.

We chat for about an hour about current technologies and their applications -- work stuff.

A month after this initial contact came the proposition -- he wanted us to join forces and produce a product offering that consists of the latest Internet gizmo. It would involve the investment of my time in hopes of future payoffs; fingers crossed - the whole bit.

We got together one evening and talked things over. We both had many questions. One of his main concerns was if I was able to devote enough time and resources. He realizes I'm a busy person and this would be 'additional' work for me. I couldn't promise the highest order of priorities, but I can promise devotion. This seemed to sit well with him.

I asked him question after question and after having satisfied my curiousity I asked one final one, "So, why did you choose me?" The answer came back quite surprisingly -- He said I knew my stuff and was very organized, I was very good at what I do, and if and when it came time to seek investors, I would be highly presentable -- yes, one can dress me up and put me in front of a room and I guess I deliver good tech sermons (so to say).

Oh yeah, I'm a tech-dress-me-up trophy baby!

So, we shall see.

Holy sh*t, I'm a dad.

Just like that, it hits me like a ton of bricks. Well, not really. I'm still expecting the reality to nail me across the head as I wake one morning. Someone once told me that if I look too hard, I just may miss it.

But it has come to my attention that I have lots more responsibility -- and this is welcome.

Happy one month Megan!

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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