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10.29.2003 Fun with Stalkers

Thanks for the comments and compliments. Seems like people really like the photo of Megan and me. I find it sort of impressive too. Given Megan's current short attention span and Elizabeth's ninja-like ability to be able to snap the picture at that very moment, is just incredible. For those who missed it, I have moved it away from the front page and it now lives here.

People have also commented that there aren't too many photos of us on the site. This is somewhat true. Well, there are some photos, but that was from a few years back, and some difficult to find. I've thought about creating a site-wide scavenger hunt game out of things, but it’s not like one would really strike gold if one of these lucky gems were really found. I guess it would satisfy some curiosities on the other hand.

Thanks for the comments however, it is flattering. They are accepted as being endearing. They really are.


I've thought about posting more current photos, but there are approximately, or maybe I should rephrase ... there are precisely two reasons why I haven't posted many current photos. Firstly, I feel I've gained too much weight in the past couple of years and this just won't do the site any good -- yeah, this is called vanity. And secondly, more importantly, and probably just in my own poopy head, I'm sort of a paranoid person. I'd like to avoid any nasty situations that may arise, if any.

This comes from a guy that once, long ago, came back from an evening out only to find a gal that he dated and tried to break it off only after three weeks, waiting for him on his porch with the look of death in her chilling eyes. I thought of two things at the time -- dial 911 and I was going to die that night. Afterwards, the stalkings began.

Yeah, this was no fun.

But that was long ago, in a distant life. I'm married now to a beautiful woman, and have a beautiful daughter. I've quit dating stalkers (not necessarily in that order). Oh yeah, my point was that I'm a bit paranoid at times, so I don't post too many photos of ourselves to the site.

But if you are a stalker, and you do find things interesting. There is a host of required reading material on the site, along with few sniplets of Easter eggs here and there. You'll need to acquire a few tidbits of information like 'What Peter's real name?' 'Where do Peter and Elizabeth really live?' 'What does Peter do for a living?' 'Who are these people like Esgee and Artie?'

I'll give you the last one as a token to play along -- y'know, just to get things started. Names like Esgee and Artie are not actual names of people. These are people's initials. ie - Esgee is S.G. Clever, I know.

Ah, but let's say you're not sure if you are a stalker. I've devised a simple test here. How would you answer the following question:

After visiting the site outrageousthoughts.com, I feel like:
a) nothing, I'm content, or
b) composing Peter an email commenting on his superb writing skills and expanse knowledge of the slango-English language, or
c) hanging out on his porch into the depths of the evening hoping he would return soon so I could slam an axe into the side of his freakin head.

If you answered c) you may participate in the fun. Oh happy happy joy joy.

With my luck, it'll be Halloween -- I'll be returning home from work and there will be trick-o-treaters on my porch waiting for me, one carrying a plastic axe.


On second thought, please don't play along. I'm merely teasing and would really get freaked out. Brr... I'd go play chess with Bobby Fischer or something.

Happy Halloween!

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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