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12.25.2003 Happy Holidays!

I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you so much for sticking with me all this time. I've always found writing these journal entries a great outlet for me and my sporadic mind, so if you find yourself saying, "What the hell is he talking about?" Just know that you are probably not alone. But I do want to thank you for listening and for your emails (again, if you are at anytime inclined to: peter@outrageousthoughts.com )

With this, I hope that you all get what you want for this holiday season (unless of course, you are a stalker and want my head on a stick -- I'm a bit paranoid, yeah).

Myself, I just want Megan's first Christmas to be special. I had a difficult time figuring out what to get her. Whatever it was, I wanted it to have a lasting appeal.
I also know that she'll likely just drool all over it at this point, so I had to think a little harder, dig a little deeper.

And, I came up with the following: http://www.outrageousthoughts.com/megansbook (this is an actual scan of the book)

Yeah, I wrote her a little story. And made it into a little hardcover book called, "Megan's Book". I took some of our photographs (along with some appropriate stock photos), photoshop-ed them into painting-like graphics, and printed out the pages. I then stitched the book's signature, and used part of one of her newborn towels as a cover.


And you thought that I was just capable of giving her a little bag of money huh? (C'mon, admit it).

Hey, happy holidays! (my little way of including Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or ... you get the idea).

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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