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1.23.2004 Mild Mannered Megan

I am convinced that Elizabeth cannot refill the humidifier. I know I'm right. It may sound mean, but not really. She is excellent in so many ways, but when it comes to humidifiers, or maybe just this cheap one we have, she can't deal with it. That's alright anyways, cause it's now destroyed and we need to get a new one.

The heat we have on really dries up the air and we've had the humidifier running at nights in Megan's room. I have to get another one anyways, cause after a season of the dryness, in my upcoming old age (especially during my mid-life crisis), the lining of my left nostril has been drying up so bad, that I develop these vicious nosebleeds in the early Spring.

So, humidifiers to the rescue.

Anyhow, I hope that Megan doesn't inherit that trait of mine. When it comes time for her mid-life crisis, well, I'll probably be in the midst of my third one by then.

Well, Elizabeth's maternity leave has come to an end, and it's back to work for her. And she's working nights again as a nurse, and yes, I miss her greatly again. This time, she's on a part-time schedule, but it may progress back to full-time again depending if I have some off time or not in a couple of weeks.

About Elizabeth, I have to admit that I have greatly enjoyed her time with me and always had really missed her during the times she has to work. I never really liked it back then when she left for the night and I was all alone. Oh yeah, I got to play all my favorite video games in my underwear, and stayed up late watching Conan O'Brien, but after the novelty wore off, it just plain sucked being alone.

Well now it is different. I get to play with Megan a bit, but she gets sleepy so fast -- her endurance is building however and is starting to keep up with me. (for the unsarcastic ones, that was a joke). Anyway, I get to care of her and the things that I have learned so far are incredible. Yeah, I'm still in amazement that I'm a father.

Well, she is actually a very good baby and usually well behaved. Sometimes, when I get so exhausted from the night before and I notice her wanting to take a nap, I can place her beside me in our bed and we can nap together. On occasion, an hour or so can pass. This would be common the more exhausted I felt. I would wake up suddenly and Megan would be laying quietly beside me smiling and laughing, just waiting for me. She is sweet.

The topic usually on the forefront of new father's minds are late night feedings. Maybe I was expecting the worst - I dunno, but they haven't been a big chore as I thought they would be. Megan usually wakes up about once or twice a night, takes her bottle, then quickly goes back to sleep again. Yes, I know I've been fortunate.

What can I say, she's been pretty mild mannered. :)

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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