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4.7.2004 I was like 'Wooo...' - NYC

Easedropping on a woman's conversation on the bus the other day, she said, "...Can you believe that? It was like she said 'What?!' ...and I was like 'Yeah, that's right, you heard what I said!' ...and she said 'That's what I thought you said!' ...so, I said 'Good then! Now you know what I mean!' ...and she was like 'I still can't believe you said that!' ...and I was like 'Well, tough, I said it!' ...and she was like 'That's too bad!' ...and so, finally, I was like 'Woooo...'"

I couldn't really tell what she was talking about, but I think it was about some disagreement with someone working at a store. The interesting part was *how* she explained the scenario. I've noticed this about people in New York City acting things out, much like that that last statement of, "...and so, finally, I was like 'Woooo...'"

I've caught myself explaining things similarly a few times - nothing I'm really proud of. Actually, it's kind of embarrassing. Usually, in the midst of my scenario acting, I pause and think to myself, 'Look at me. I can't believe I'm doing this' But oh well.

It's just part of living in New York City.

Right now, I'm actually sitting in the waiting of a laser surgery center waiting for Elizabeth. She's getting the Lasiks procedure done. She's talked about it for years. Also, she wanted to have it done in New York City - no where else. On another note, she also has mentioned getting a breast job done here in New York City as well. I offered my two cents and mentioned that since that's slightly more expensive, I wouldn't mind as long as she has them done one at a time.

Well, anyway. I sit here and wait.

We're getting ready for our big move to Houston. It's happening pretty soon. Originally, we were thinking March, April-ish, but due to the timing of it all, things have been pushed out to the beginning of May. There has been plenty of plans put in place and it's neat that things are starting to roll - I will devulge more when the time comes (due to my superstitious nature, I just don't want to jinx things).

Along with the moving mentality, I've had a different perspective of things here, in New York City. Much like when a person is at a job and they've decided to leave. They start the process by updating their resume, and then start sending it to a couple of perspective employers. Physically, they still work at their present job, but emotionally, they're already gone. That's just how things are. It's a state of mind. And it's the same here.

My frustration in New York City with the crowds of people have subsided some bit. Spring has started to set in and it's somewhat warmer and brighter outside - unlike the winter months when it's dark and frightfully cold and while walking outside, which is a necessity here, is like sticking my foot in a bucket of ice water for a long time - it really starts to hurt after a while.

Well, it's warm again, so I notice things like the small side-street boutiques, the coffee shops, the brownestones with the little pansies gardens in the front. Just like in the movies - actually, I've already seen two movies crews working in the past month. Ah, Springtime in New York City - just can't beat it. There really is no other place like this in the world.

Yeah, I've been feeling better about things. And all in all, I really have to say that I'm going to miss it here.

But, it's not like we're leaving forever never to return for visits or anything. Actually, we'll be back probably a few times a year - my parents and sister live here after all. But, yes, admittingly, I will miss it.

Alright, the doctor just came out and said I would be able to go and visit Elizabeth in a couple of minutes. Gotta run. I'll write more soon.

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...One thing is that no matter how old I am, I probably will not like being called sir or mister, for they have always seemed too far out of reach...




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