H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


Hope everyone's politically correct millennium celebration was joyous. Mine was okay. It was great seeing Elizabeth during the weekend in New Orleans, but I was still a little brushed over with my Northeastern-psychosomatic-flu.

My flight went well. Leaving New York City was too easy. Most of the city was away on vacation--all except yours truly. I made it to Grand Central in a heartbeat and boarded a mini-bus that then transferred me and a bunch of others to La Guardia Airport in about two seconds. I sat at the airport for a boring two hours sniffling and coughing. I wound up chatting with Elizabeth on the cellular phone until she made me hang up. For lack of better things to do, and under her suggestion, I started purchasing Millennium Millions Lottery tickets for people whom we were going to visit.

The flight itself went rather well. It just seemed rather tedious for the reservations we set up needed to be updated, or amended to. We kept my original flight from New York to Houston. But, I needed to be in New Orleans. It was greatly cheaper to amend a flight from Houston to New Orleans than it was to update the current itinerary. So be it. I played aviation leapfrog. Not foreseeing how circumstances would have been, I reached my final destination a bit more congested, weak, and frail. This is after a day of work. Elizabeth commented how I resembled a battered child, but gave me a hug and a kiss anyhow. I coughed in her ear.

I was sick. It was simple as that. We had to cancel our New Years Eve plans due to me being sick. For some odd reason, I was unable to stay awake for longer than two hours at a time without feeling extremely tired.

The following day, I awoke with a slight tinge in my belly. Unbeknownst to modern day medical diagnosis, I still do not know what it was, but it grew to be somewhat of a combination upper intestinal intermittent cramps and colorful explosive diarrhea. Unfortunately, today was the day that we were going to drive to Houston with her little brother and Grandmother. I was supposed to perform my share of the driving. Instead, I was unable to stay awake for more than ten minutes at a time. This was okay though, for the pain from the cramps outweighed the pain from trying to stay conscience. And if I stayed asleep, there was no cramping.

Elizabeth managed to drive most of the way there, whereas I caught glimpses of a Bayou, flat fields, and lots of trees every now and then. Whenever we passed a rest area, she would wake me briefly. Judging from the amount of pain I was in, I waved to her, notifying that I would like a rest room break.

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