H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


I swiped a window seat where my boarding pass denoted an aisle seat. No one really claimed it or complained either, so I don't feel any guilt. What a view. Woo Hoo.

Twenty something thousand feet above the sky I sit here typing and gawking out the window--the view leaving New York City was spectacular. It's just amazing seeing the incredible size of the city and acknowledging the density of the population. Every square foot taken up. This will be the last weekend trip I will have to take out of New York City, hopefully, for a while. Down to Houston, again, I go-this weekend, one of Elizabeth's cousins is getting married. On Sunday, Elizabeth will fly back with me to the Big Apple, and therefore ending her two and a half week vacation.

With all this traveling, ironic as it may sound, I am ready for a vacation. I actually like visiting different places and seeing different things. What I do not like is the "getting" there. I don't mind flying. I just hate the crampness aboard an aircraft being forced to be cheek to cheek with tons of other people. I also don't like the procedures and regulations that must be followed during air travel. "We're number fifteen on the runway," the voice blares over the loudspeaker, "We should be headed out of here in forty-five point two minutes." Screw that--Jump the queue--Go over there--It's really just an imaginary line--Take off between those two planes gapping two minutes--My hunch is that I think we will fit.


Everything is good. I don't feel sick or depressed this week. Thank you to those all that emailed "get well soon" notes--thank you Ronnie, from Brooklyn, for sending the e-greeting and Brian, from southern California, for the diagnosis of the stomach flu. Everything is good. Work is good. Today, I received a confirmation email from Human Resources expressing interest in an extension of my contract. My six month contract with the current client is coming to an end and I guess my company has gained more business--neato. This should hold us by to about the end of September. After which, Elizabeth and I have to really discuss what we want to do.

We had talked about six months here--six months there. Basically, just journeying around finding computer consulting gigs. Mind you, it's not that we don't like New York. It's okay here--we may wind up staying or coming back around a few times. It's just that we have been observing how we actually have the capability of traveling around for a bit--experiencing and seeing different things--so, we figured on taking advantage of the situation.

So hey, if you, or anyone you may know, would happen to need the such services, give me a holler. Elizabeth wants dibs for us to try California for a year. I was thinking maybe Hong Kong or London for six months. We both seriously thought about Houston too.

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