H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


It's late. It's about 1:30 in the morning right now and Elizabeth's laying asleep next to me and quite often, I peek over at her. She seems so calm and peaceful and I wonder if her dreams match my thoughts.

I'm awake and far from being tired. Fortunately, it's Saturday-- no work tomorrow. Actually, no work on Monday either--President's Day. We had a pretty calm day today, well, in comparison to what we could've done. We are sacking out here in Manhattan for the weekend at my sister's and her husband's place for they had borrowed the car for a weekend getaway in some secluded place in Jersey. My original plan was for us to paint the town. Oh well.

Today was a common day, but nonetheless, felt special to me--Elizabeth and I finally got out of bed at around 11:30. We bummed around the place and waited until we were hungry enough to head outward for a bite to eat. We hopped on the subway and headed down to Chinatown and found a neat little restaurant that my parents frequent for dim sum. Afterwards, we passed a Hageen-Daz store and I inquired if she was interested. She declined.

Minutes later, we hopped on another subway and arrived at Macy's on 34th Street. The plan was to find her a new wrist watch. Her old one was lost and left behind somewhere in some black hole somewhere. Macy's has almost every reputable brand of watch, yet we find none and instead, walked out of the store with a new trench coat for me. Can I just state that I really do not like trench coats, but time has come for me to succumb to the practical neccessity of having to wear one. Elizabeth has really wanted me to wear one for the longest time. Coincidentally, there was also this huge sale on trench coats. She seems to be proud that I have to get dressed up for work. She sees it as a sign of success. I see it as having to do something just for appearance sake, but then again, I have been known to have a rebellious attitude in the past--but not so much in recent years. Okay. Vanity prevails--it looked decent. I could not help but to hum the Inspector Gadget theme a couple!
of times.

We retired back to the apartment and watched the Matrix on video. She adores Keanu Reeves and stated it about twenty times. I laughed. I picked up the phone and made reservations for Elizabeth and I at a local Comedy Club for the early show. The show was fun. It was a typical club where they packed us in every square inch for a couple of hours. I took the seat where I had to quarter-turn my head to see the stage. We retired early at about 10:30 and watched more videos.

She doesn't know this, but my favorite part of the whole day was the walk back from the comedy club. It was quiet and a little bit on the chilly side, but we got to walk arm in arm and we got to glance into people's windows along the way. Some of the apartments seemed like just regular apartments. Others were very elegant and glamorous. The fun part wasn't actually the voyeristic nature of peeking into someone else's abode, but to imagine what it would be like to live like that...together.

And now, in the bliss of all the quietness, as she lays calmly sleeping and I admire her like admiring a work of art, tracing my gaze about her smooth skin and structure, it all occurs to me. The specialness isn't what is being done or what event is happening, but how one is feeling during the event. It's fun to go out for lunch. It's also fun going shopping and taking in a show. But the important part is to make it whole and to package it in completeness. This is where she ties the bow.

er...Happy President's Day.

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