H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


I got off the phone with what must have been the 20th recruiter I have spoken to this week.

The current assignment is going really well. Esgee and I are almost completed with the site and will be deploying it in a few weeks. It's now time to go market myself. Weirdly ironic though, I'm coming up short in all degrees. People say it's the market. Things are slow. Whatever it is, it's a little disheartening.

Things were not like this just a few months ago. Then, it seemed like companies were knocking down my door asking me to be on their projects, but since the turn of the new year, coupled with the slowing of the economy, budgets aren't approved as quickly and new projects are momentarily put on hold.

Things were looking up just last week. I had three solid leads. One was from a previous interview from after I left CNBC, where he currently pursues me, keeping a tab, until his budget gets approved for his project. The second lead was from an interview I recently went on where after rejecting two previous candidates, stating that they were too junior for the position, after seeing me exclaimed, "He's good! real good...but he seems too senior." Too senior? Too senior?!

Anyhow, the last lead I had was where I buckled down, pretending to be in sales, and actually cold-called a company selling myself to the degree where I almost had an interview, and now have to wait until they get budget approval before I can go visit.

All sounds so glorious.

In actuality, it's quite the opposite. Disheartening. Dismal. Pointless. These are some of the words that enter my head throughout the day leaving me in a trance while I sit before a computer screen. Even with these three great leads, the end result is still nothing. The reality of it is that there is no work. The reality of it is that with the few jobs available in the market right now, they do not want me for their projects.

This is the reality.

My evenings are filled with journeys to job sites and attaching my resume to mail notes. Elizabeth comforts me and joins me in drives around the differing neighborhoods around Brooklyn. She's excellent during times like these noting how I have never lost my humbleness since the beginning of the journey and that is what counts. She is a blessing.

Myself, I know I just have to be more patient.

Things happen for a reason, people say. You're being saved for something more important, is another popular phrase. Well, before I get too philosophical, it's time for me to relax a little bit.

I'll keep you posted.

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