H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t



I didn't forget about this page. Sorry, didn't mean to neglect. I've just gotten so busy this past few months; especially with work. I never got to work on something so high profile. I feel lucky. There's a lot of time and hard work that goes into it. And then tomorrow, somewhere in midtown Manhattan, I get to stand behind a two-way mirror with the CTO and others to perceive what external users think of some of our applications.

There's other cool stuff about this assignment. About two months ago, they had to send me to training in Boston. Lovely town. So lovely that it would have been nice to have the wife along. So, to lowestfare.com I surfed and before you knew it, it was a Wednesday night and Elizabeth and I were arriving in Logan International Airport.

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original pics from hertz.com and cheersboston.com