H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


The next couple of days will probably prove itself to be very exciting. A friend and I, or should I say a perspective business partner and I have been busy brainstorming about a business venture. I'll anonymously name him as Esgee. One of which, if successful, would leave our names in granite among giants of Software Development gurus along Wall Street.

I would like to say that we had the path all laid out already alike Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but it isn't. Everything is actually closer to a sperm festering in the brain and we are closer to the very beginning baby steps if anything else.

We have an idea, well, a couple of them.

I guess that's how all of it starts anyhow, from just an idea. And of course, like any other great beginning entrepreneur, we have no money. Well, not enough to start up a full-fledged business and being able to put dinner on the table for our families.

Since the last entry was put out, I have received a few responses from people who are interested in this sort of activity; Internet Start-ups. It was a little surprising, but very encouraging at the same time. One person, who I'll anonymously name here as Beedoubleyou, I regard as probably the closest person I can think of as the GodFather of Internet Start-ups and located in the Bay area. We have exchanged one round of mailnotes for the time being, but I will have to get my act together and hopefully, if things work out, we'll be able to exchange more than just mailnotes.

For the time being, Esgee and I have to find our bearings and figure out some marketing stuff. Apparently, he knows of someone who he feels would be a good partner. This person has his own prominent business and has connections with many financial firms in New York City who could use our products. Coincidentally, this person is also very well off and would be able to supply us with some initial funding too. I'll anonymously name him The20milliondollarman.

The danger here is that since The20milliondollarman may be fronting the money, it would be logical for him to assume ownership. This would not be kosher. Apparently, Esgee has figured out a way for us to place more weight on the table than it being our idea and The20milliondollarman's funding. And hopefully, it'll work out. It's supposed to be a synergistic relationship after all.

So, the appointment has been made. Esgee, The20milliondollarman, and I will be having lunch on Tuesday...Finger's crossed.

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graphic by Peter Knight