H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


Anything less than that would be just not right, I thought to myself after looking at the pile of unopened peanuts in front of me. I just wondered if there was enough. Those tasty morsels are just so satisfying, there just isn't enough peanuts there.

I have been such a glutton lately. Well, more like for the past few years…hehe.

I just eat anything that is put in front of me or go after the most tastiest thing on the menu. Ironically, I still think I'm mostly nutritious with an occasional treat here and there. Rather, it's the opposite with the occasional low-fat, high protein meal. I can still intuitively count what's on the plate, 50 grams of carbs, 10 grams of fat, 50 grams of protein.

It's just so much fun. I like it…hehe…<snort>

Well. It was. Over the holidays, while we were in Houston, we videotaped part of the Christmas party, and there I was, in all my glory. The rumors are correct. The camera really added a few pounds…about twenty or so.


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