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our honeymoon

Eight glorious days on Maui--the honeymoon was wonderfully excellent, much needed, and much appreciated. Both Elizabeth and I are twelve shades darker than when we started. Myself, I went from my everyday clean-cut, straight edged gel-whipped hair look to a scruffy, messy hair, t-shirt honking traveler. We had lots of fun and discovered a lot about Hawaii. So much, as a matter of fact, that it would be difficult to sum it up in one entry.

When we arrived in Maui, we approached the Alamo desk to pick up our rent-a-car, they had this glossy eleven by seventeen poster of neat-o automobiles. We quickly for-went our econo-mid-size and opted for the rugged four-wheel drive Jeep, with peel-away sides and top. The initial drive was along the western coastline watching the waves and windsurfers do their thing in the hot afternoon sun.

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Forty-five minutes later, we arrived at the Westin Maui located on Kaanapali beach (I can't believe I started remembering some of the area names there). It was one of the larger hotels around there, and boasted deluxe services and five pools that actually made up a water park. And located right along the beach, so we had direct access to that too. I'm still wincing when I notice the bill; please don't ask, I'll wince again.

We spent loads of time in the water--some at the beach running out into the crystal blue ocean and riding the waves back in, and some at the pool drifting through caves and mini-waterfalls. I remembered stuff from summer camp many many years ago and managed to teach Elizabeth how to do the backstroke, but mainly, we just kinda floated around doing the lovebird thing.

Along with playing in the water lots, we went on a few guided tours, one which was of a helicopter tour. Maui has many areas, such as a volcano and a rain forest, only accessible via helicopter. It was quite a sight. We saw some of the areas where they filmed Jurassic Park--neat. And of course, we went to an ever popular Hawaiian Luau--not to be confused with a Lua, which means bathroom, which we also had to go to a lot too. We saw the Hula dances and the fire baton twirlers too.

What amazed me the most were the inhabitants of the island. Most of the people who gave the tours were not natively Hawaiian but moved here within the past ten years. They started with just a visit and basically fell in love with the place. Geez, who could blame them. The climate is consistently Spring and Summer year round, temperatures ranging from eighty-one to eighty-eight. And, everything is too picture perfect, from that of the oil painting like countryside to the meticulously pre-historic landscapes--just beautiful.

Of course, I could not resist, I grabbed a newspaper and rifled through the Classified section hoping to find loads of Computer jobs. I figured it would be nice to surprise Elizabeth in several months stating, guess where we're moving for six months? But instead, nada, the island of Maui was possibly the only place in the world that doesn't have any computer job openings.

Anyhow, we noticed that the crime rate on this one particular island was pretty low. So, of course, we had to add to that statistic a couple of times. Don't worry, nothing big, just things like theft... bad tourists, bad bad tourists.

More next time... stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.

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