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jose and carolina

Today, I saw one of those annoying loose magazine subscription postcards on the ground. It was for FHM magazine; an all-age legal porno mag. I immediately picked it up and filled in an old boss' business address and checked off the "bill me later" box, and popped it in the mail. I really don't know why I did it, but it felt nice.

I guess I've been reminiscing recently, about work situations.

Elizabeth and I had visitors from Colorado--Denver to be more specific. Jose and Carolina. Before I state how wonderful it was to see them, I have to give you some background information first--I first met Jose back in 90 when we both attended a new-hire orientation program sponsored by Xerox. Although he was merely an acquaintance at the time, through the past decade, as work situations saw fit, we were able to work together and developed a friendship in turn.

At work, he has always been regarded as one of the most technically sound and brightest. One of his gifts is the ability to communicate his thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely. This is no small feat in the tech world we work in where English can possibly be regarded as a second language itself.

Another one of his gifts is the ability to listen--another great feat in the tech world. I can't count the number of times that I have journeyed over to his cube during one of my many crises about an ex-girlfriend of mine. Let's just say that if I gave him a nickel every time, he would be quite rich. There was this one time where we were both headed out to Los Angeles for Xerox. I was to meet him out there on Sunday night. Before that, I was flying out to Chicago to meet my girlfriend at the time and of course, she was not in a good mood. Needless to say, by the time I wound up in Los Angeles to meet Jose, she had started a fight with me and ended the relationship once again, leaving me like a can of melted Jell-O.

Along with the free therapy sessions, Jose was one of the first to tell me that I should work where I want to work, be where I want to be. And after Xerox went through and re-established everyone's salaries, he noted that I may be slightly underutilized, and should be more or less, finding my full potential. "Just do it!" he would state. And that I did.

Since then, as you know, the tech world has been very good to me. Along with great fortune, also bears great skepticism. I have noticed a few different looks and people's attitudes have changed toward me, and it's all right. Jose and a few others have always been truly happy for me though. And knowing that, feels good.

Okay. I really didn't mail that magazine postcard...but what a nifty idea huh? Okay. I'm going to try and put up an entry later this week. To be continued…

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