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Well, things wrapped up nicely with CNBC and my last day there was actually the eighth of December. Originally, it was going to be the fifteenth, but it was moved up. There was just nothing left for me to do. The CTO was clued in as I continually entered his office and asked for multiple days off. I can think of nothing worse than just sitting there with nothing to do-in general, that's complete torture.

On the other hand, I have been in constant communication with the people at my new assignment and have been doing some work for them in the background instead. The days off that I continually took in the last few weeks was actually devoted to me starting my new assignment at the new location.

I am finally back in Manhattan again, and conveniently located in the Wall Street area, the first stop for the express bus commuting in from Brooklyn. Oddly enough, in the rough of traffic, leaving home at 8:15, it takes about forty-five minutes. Leaving either a half hour earlier or later takes only about twenty minutes. Nonetheless, I get to wake up later. Additionally, the new place is very casual. There is only about fifteen people on staff, and only about two of those people are actually on this project, myself included.

The best part about this new assignment is that I'm learning a lot again. Both from whom I am working with, Esgee, and working with new technology. Another good thing about this assignment is that it's not as time consuming on my outside-of-work life. Elizabeth and I have our evenings again, and we have started to think about activities such as going back to the gym again. The other night, we actually went out to Rockefeller Center and to Radio City Music Hall and watched "A Christmas Spectacular". That was nice. Poor Elizabeth-we've been here for over a year, but we have yet to see a lot of places.

So-Ironic as it seems, I worked for about two weeks at the new place before I took my first vacation. Elizabeth and I are headed down to Houston for the holidays-her side of the family. I've only been to Houston once before, and to honestly say, I was impressed. My notion about Houston, prior to visiting, is that it is the south. This, in my mind, goes along with all the stereotypical thoughts, of course, without anything solid mentally to compare it to. My only other experience with Houston association is that I actually have some stray relatives there. They used to visit every now and then when I was about thirteen years old and they were just a handful. All I remembered was that their southern accent did not mesh well with the Brooklyn accents at the time, the mother was slightly disturbed, lashing out occasionally and always seemingly to be on the brink of an emotional breakdown. Although, this could be easily classified presently as some common mental illness, it was scary for someone who was thirteen to witness this in an adult. And so forth, set my subconscious mental association with Houston.

Well-that was then and this is now. Last year, Houston was a huge hit with me. Instead of the brush of tumbleweed and ten-gallon hats, I was actually welcomed by hospitable people and modern settings. The most memorable aspect of the trip was wandering through new neighborhoods where builders were constructing these enormous mansions that cost fractions in comparison to their peers in other cities. Industry was also growing at a tremendous rate. Elizabeth and I grabbed some brochures and brought them back with us and I do not think there has been a week that has passed that we have not mentioned about possibly owning one of these homes one day.

Throughout last year, I would start scouting out consulting assignments for Houston and they started popping up at a growing rate. Occasionally, I would email a recruiter about a particular assignment and I would be graciously welcomed. And to my surprise, they are starting to be competitive with New York City. We have toyed with the idea of a possible six wintry months in Houston and the rest of the year in New York. I would actually go for the idea, but I would have to be in good workings with some pretty flexible clients in both locations.

Anyhow-last night, we stayed up late packing and packing some more. We filled up 2 large suitcases and a large brown paper shopping bag with clothes and mostly presents. Today, we sit on a plane and wait restlessly until we get there. There is going to be this huge party on Christmas where the whole side of the family gets together. Last year was a blast. Hopefully, this year will be too.

Hmm-I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, but I do want to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, etc.., and a Happy New Year!


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