H o m e . A r c h i v e s . U p d a t e s . E x i t


I sat on the bus, glanced at my watch, and realized that there are not enough hours in a day. The time read a quarter to eight and I had left work only a little bit ago only to realize that it was already dark out. That was the first inkling that it was probably late. The second inkling was that I started to wander about the neighborhood looking for office supplies stores only to find them to be closed for the evening.

I need to find oversized envelopes. I really do. But this is crunch week at work, so a few of us are working late. A couple of people are still behind in the office and they will possibly be working a lot later into the evening. They'll probably get car service home later. There was even talk about putting them up in nearby hotel rooms if it got too late. Me? I have other things to take care of--like this wad of forms stuck in an envelope in the side of my overcoat.

These are my corporate tax returns. I still have to get home and write a few checks and mail them out tomorrow. That's what the oversized envelopes would be for. I have to also make myself a paycheck and record some of the past few day's expenses. All is well though. Things have just been too busy...voluntarily. And, there is not a day that goes by that I don't count my blessings. Fingers crossed-It sure feels like it can all blow away without a second's notice.

In the past week, I've been sought out by a few headhunters eager to lift another computer consultant from their current assignment only to be placed at another. I guess it's all about the commission for them. But, I have been approached by a couple of peers in seeking if I would be interested in their projects after my current one. I responded positively to both. I also received another phone call from a recruiting agency in town earlier tonight inquiring if I would be interested in performing telephonic technical interviews for them. I would be able to do this in my spare time. I also responded positively.

But I have had a few thoughts racing around in the back of my mind for the past couple of weeks. That of trying some side ventures like opening simple e-commerce sites to that of actually engaging in starting an Internet Startup. I have a few ideas, but I have to weigh out the advantages and errr.. disadvantages.

I'll keep you posted.

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original pic by Peter Knight