Naps have a reputation of being useless; they suck up time and leave you disorientated and confused instead of refreshed. But I strongly disagree for the most part. Naps are the best. They're fun, satisfying, and an all-around quality activity. Of course, naps are...

Red Eggs and Ginger for Keira

We arrived a little late — not purposely though as it took a few moments to gear up. Remembered the diapers, pacifiers, extra set of clothes.. stuff like that.  A roomful of attendees had already arrived before us as we entered the venue and so...


I'm a wimp; I'm scared of a lot of things. I'm scared of the dark, blood, sudden movement, little things like that. But I have two fears that stick out to me. They're not scary per se, but they control me the most. Fear #1: Saying hi If you thought this was some...

Post-Concert Excitement + Other LA Experiences

After Day 1: Before the concert, I was very worried. We drove to the venue 1-2 hours before the show started and it was taking us forever to get inside. What if they start before we get to our seats? What if they run out of lightsticks? What if I miss the entire...

Pre-Concert Excitement

Hello, this is Megan Knight and this is my first official blog entry on the site! I haven't been counting down days. I really should have been counting down days. The concert is in less than a week. That means: Less than a week to plan the vlog that I will be filming...

We’re Back! New YouTube Video Hello! Outrageous Thoughts is back after 3-4 years…finally. I’m Megan Knight, daughter of Peter Knight, the little girl that was in some of the other videos such as Hazy, Fur Elise Piano Practice, and Megan’s Home...
Imaginary Tourist

Imaginary Tourist

So I'm surfing the net tonight and my mind just wanders.. I play imaginary tourist once in a while. Sometimes, Julian and I sit in front of the large computer monitor and ride the Six Flags roller coasters with point-of-view youtube videos and its...

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by Jan 26, 2017

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You’ve stumbled onto my online journal, “Outrageous Thoughts of Babble”. I started this journal back in 1997 thus pre-dating terms such as “blogging,” which makes me feel secretively proud (snicker). Its purpose has always remained the same — to record life’s events as they happen – for they do happen quickly and fleetingly. Enjoy! 🙂

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