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If you are somewhat similar to me, you probably have a bag of video tapes or photographs laying around that you’ve been meaning to get back to one day and make sense out of it. Besides our masterful categorization skills, months or even years later, you’ll read a label called “Thanksgiving 2002? and wonder what’s actually on it. Well, a little while ago, I was messing around with compiling a video and have been meaning to get back to as well, but it’s my little take on trying to make these left-over media memoirs a little bit interesting and maybe, just maybe, it’ll illicit a response that’s a little bit more than, “Oh, isn’t she cute.” It’ll probably be more like, “Oh, isn’t she cute.. What’s up with all the *suitcases*?” Yeah, most of the contents happens to be taken around all the time we were in our Nomad years – so for what it’s worth, there ya go. If you click on the play button below you’ll get to view a cool little Megan-centric flick. And just note, if you do leave a comment like ‘That’s just crazy – that’s 1 minute 26 seconds you’ll never get back’, I’ll reach out and kick your ass. Okay, well, have a nice day.

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