Recently, I met someone in a summer course I was taking. We didn’t know each other at all (if we did, not well) before I asked for their number. I would say we’re on our way to becoming good friends if we aren’t already. But’s there’s one problem.

Everyone is convinced that we’re a thing.

What is “a thing,” you ask? Synonyms for “a thing” include: exclusive, taken, together, dating.

I’m not saying that dating that specific person would be the worst thing in the world. If a few things were changed, I wouldn’t be against it at all. But now we’re too young, we’re going to different schools; it wouldn’t work. None of that stops my parents from saying, “How’s the ghost? You must be a sucky girlfriend if you don’t know how he’s doing.”

you haven’t been on the gc for a while
are you depressed cause the ghost is oml
understandable tho

I didn’t stop talking because he did. I stopped talking because my mom took my phone, idiot.

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