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5.28.2003 "Pregnancy Press""

This is Geraldo Rivera reporting live from the Knight household and you are watching “Pregnancy Press”. In a few moments, Peter is going to approach the podium to address the newfound rumors. But first, a word from our sponsors.

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And we're back. Last week, we revealed to you, the rumors of [interrupt] Get ready.. here he is...

[clap clap clap cameras flash flash clap clap clap]

Thank you all for coming today. It's important that you all are here for there is much to discuss. I know that there are many questions. But before we address them, I'd just like to say that [turn to the camera] yes, the rumors are true.

[big suspense music]

What Geraldo told you last week is true, all true--Elizabeth and I are pregnant with our first child. Thank you for all the congratulatory emails and I know that during events like these, there are a lot of questions. Without me getting into any details, why don't we just delve in and just start with them.

Reporter1 - Mr. Knight. Mr. Knight...

     Please, just call me Peter.

Reporter1 - Peter, so the rumors are true about you and Elizabeth expecting your first born?


Reporter1 - How long...

     Sorry, you just broke the 1 question rule.. next.

Reporter2 - When is the expected delivery date?

     That would be September twenty-second.

Reporter1 - How long have...

     Sorry, can't ask another question so soon.. next.

Reporter3 - Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

     Actually, we asked the doctors and physicians not to reveal this to us. We prefer the surprise factor.

Reporter1 - Can I ask a question now?

     Yes, and thank you for asking it... c'mon.. I was just kidding around.. go ahead.

Reporter1 - How long have you and Elizabeth known?

     We found out sometime in late January. Elizabeth said she was feeling somewhat different and suspected it was something like this. Not really wanting to say so in fear that it may somehow jinx things.

Reporter4 - Jinx things?

     Yes, disturb or tempt fate in other words. Firstly, the events happening before we actually get the test results back. And it was important for Elizabeth and I to be discrete as possible before the first trimester was complete and then some follow-up milestone events.

Reporter2 - Somewhat superstitious?

     Yes, it's traditional, and also yes, personally, I've always been somewhat superstitious... walk under a ladder and all of that...

Reporter5 - Was it difficult to be discrete about the pregnancy?

     Yes, very. Well, it was tough for me. Because I was just so excited, I just wanted to announce things immediately. But, I knew it was really best not to. Not yet anyway. For Elizabeth, it was a little easier. It was essential to safeguard her activities while she was at work, so she had no choice but to reveal the pregnancy.

Reporter3 - Was this child expected?

     Yes, and in a big way. You know, we've been trying to have a child for the last couple of years without much luck. It had been tough at times, we had visited a few doctors.

Reporter4 - Do you have names chosen for the newborn?

     Yes we do, but actually, we have decided to keep some level of discretion there.

Reporter1 - Has her appetite changed? Or, have you noticed any other pregnancy induced behavior differences?

     Yes and yes. I think the most fun we have had with this has been the ability, or hunger to go and try out all the different foods out there. She hasn't really craved the pickles and ice cream bit, but pretty much her tastes change pretty much on a daily basis. We don't have enough time to go and shop for the wide variety of groceries and then cook, so we've been trying a lot of different cuisines around New York. It's quite the experience ... and then, quite the credit card bill later on in the month. Overall, a great experience.

Reporter2 - Are you two excited about becoming parents?

     Yes, and a bit scared. I hear that it's a lot of work, and also very rewarding. Very excited to say the least.


Now, we’ll take a break for station identification and a word from our sponsors.

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Welcome back to “Pregnancy Press”. I am your host Geraldo Rivera. Let’s join back with Peter Knight as he continues to answer questions.

Reporter8 – How many children are you and Elizabeth planning to have?

At this point, as many as we can. [laughter].

Reporter1 – What’s up with this Geraldo dude?

He’s a cool dude. The first time I met him, it was while I was walking up the stairs at CNBC. He was walking down, and he said, “How you fellas doing?” [that part is a true story]. Well, he left an impression with me and I decided to let him take the wheel for the last entry. Things came off so well, I decided to let him take things for another spin. I think he’s done well… What do you think Geraldo?

Thank you very much Peter. It has been a pleasure. This has been Geraldo Rivera reporting live from the Knight household and you have been watching “Pregnancy Press”.

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